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05:42:30, Monday, 19 April 2021 

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   Touch typing develops:
fast typing speed;
healthy keyboarding habits without eye strain, and if properly practiced, without RSI (repetitive strain injury);
enjoying of the process instead of hating it.

There are many paths to touch typing. We can offer you a challenging, psychologically correct and enjoyable way to develop effective and fast typing skills—the typing tutor YESolo on the Keyboard.

This course is a fruit of detailed experimental research done by Dr. Vladimir Shahidzhanjan, a psychologist and a journalist.

We initially focus on accuracy and comfort more than speed because speed will come by itself after completing the well-designed tasks of the course.

Through 30 hours of enjoyable keyboarding, you will learn to touch type in English (QWERTY) fast and effortlessly. 40 typing sessions are free for downloading and full-scale learning.

YESolo on the Keyboard


Tags: Keyboard, Study, Typing

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