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   MySQL to MSSQL database migration software is non-destructive utility to convert database created in MySQL into MSSQL database server without any loss of data during conversion. Professional MySQL database converter application is password protected utility that prevents unauthorized users to change its configuration settings and maintains database integrity. MySQL to MSSQL database synchronization software provides option to overwrite converted database with an existing MSSQL database and supports all latest versions of MySQL database server. MySQL to MSSQL database translate utility supports all features of database properties including table normalization, relation, view, schema, trigger, curser, entities, constraints, relational database and stored procedures. MySQL database migration program convert database records with data attributes including primary key, foreign key, unique key, default value and null value etc. MySQL database file conversion application safely converts database tables, rows or column with password protected records into MSSQL database without loss of any data during file conversion. MySQL to MSSQL database migration utility provides user interactive GUI interface so it is easy to use and does not need any technical skills to operate it. Software supports all windows operating system like 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000 and 2003 including VISTA edition. Features: * MySQL to MSSQL database converter software supports all the Null values, Primary Key, Data Types, Schemas, Attributes, Tables, Rows, and Columns. * MySQL database migration application maintains integrity during conversion of database files from MySQL to MSSQL database server. * MySQL to MSSQL database converter software easily converts entire database records or selected tables of MySQL to MSSQL database server. * Software is user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) and provides help menu for technical and non-technical users.

Migrate MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server


Tags: Convert, Utility, Software, Database, Converter, MySQL, Columns, Table, Migrate, Attributes, Support, Record, Maintain, Primary, Migration, Schema, Rows, Unicode, Architecture, MSSQL, Structure, Indexes, Foreign key, Constraint, Selected, Data types

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