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   Digital pictures data restoration application recovers corrupted digital pictures including wedding, anniversary, baby pictures, birthday and other memorable parties. Digital image files recovery program restores deleted snaps from formatted hard disk storage device and removable USB drive. Digital pictures data recovery software supports Windows operating system including Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, NT, Me and Windows 7. Digital image recovery utility provides demo option to show corrupted pictures before actual picture recovery and gives option to save recovered snaps at desired location. Digital images recovery tool provides searching of files from entire disk, sector range and partitioned hard disk. Digital photographs recovery application supports all major brands including Fuji film, Canon, HP, Sony, Samsung. Digital pictures recovery utility provides helps manual so that user does not require any training or technical knowledge to use of this software. Digital snaps recovery software gives reliable and user friendly environments. Digital photos retrieval tool recovers and fetch corrupted pictures from any storage device. Features * Digital pictures data recovery application recovers deleted images due to malfunctioning, improper use of device and virus attack. * Digital photographs retrieval utility takes less time to recover corrupted pictures from hard disk and removable USB drive. * Digital images recovery tool provides easy and fast pictures recovery. * Digital snaps restoration program has Graphical user interface (GUI) so that user does not require any technical background

Damaged Photo Recovery


Tags: Pictures, Recovery, Digital, Data, Utility, Recover, Restore, Corrupted, Files, Tool, Damaged, Folders, JPG, Photographs, Missing, Snaps, Jpeg

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