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04:52:17, Saturday, 15 June 2024 

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 OS: Windows 7  Interface: Russian
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   Application support simple design with usual features. Software facilitate to change PDF page size. Program authorizes you to change size of several file at a time by using batch approach. You can change PDF page dimension by using number of usual options like resize mode, fit mode, page size, custom size, relative size, paper size and page size. Tool give permission you to apply such constrains like odd pages, even pages, specific page range, page orientation etc. Utility permit you to control Meta Properties according to need. Developer allows controlling PDF page permission values like printing, copying, editing, annotation, page extraction, assembling, content etc. You can protect your resultant file by suing User and Owner password. Program create helpful file name of resultant file.


* Software resize PDF page.
* Work with paper size, page size, page dimension, custom size, relative size etc.
* Allow to password security.
* Control PDF page permissions options like content copy, document print, content edit, page extraction, annotation etc.
* Manage Meta Properties values according to need.
* Generate single and multiple PDF files.
* Perform operation according to page range, specific pages, odd pages and even pages.
* Support 32 and 64 bit OS.
* Application approves you to work with Window OS like Win Vista, Win 2000, Win XP, Win NT, Win 7, Win 8 etc.

Aplus Change PDF Page Size


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