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05:08:39, Saturday, 15 June 2024 

 Size: 5000 Kb  Users Vote: (0)
 OS: Windows 7  Interface: English
 Installation: Install & Uninstall  License: Shareware ($59)
 Programm home page: Here  Last update: 6.11.2016(6.11.2016)
  Author: Spherical Panorama Inc.  Downloads Today: 0
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   Spherical Panorama Html5 Hot Spot Publisher, publishes 360 videos online with Hot Spots. Comes with a interface to create all the code for you to upload to your web site. You will need to create equirectangular video using our Spherical Panorama Video Publisher software to play in the viewer. The fastest html5 360 Hot Spot video player currently available.
Spherical Panorama Html5 Hot Spot Publisher's important features are:
- Newly released video player that creates an HTML5 compatible output which can be used on all outputs that support WebGL.
Features include:
- An integrated enviroment;
- Easy to use pull down menus;
- Powerful 360 degrees HTML5 video player;
- Supports any full spehrical and cylindrical 360 degrees video;
- Supports MP4, M4V, MOV, OGG, OGV, QT video formats;
- Support for the Google Chrome Browser;
- Fine tuning parameters;
- Optimization mode and HTML5 quality mode;
- Supports h264 codec.;
Imagine being able to create your 360 videos and combining them with a player, moving from one video through to another or linking into websites.
Now you can....
After processing your 360 video through the Video publisher, you can now create the HTML5 output files so your 360 video will play on all devices which support webGL.
With the HTML5 video player you can now incorporate up to 10 hotspots linking your 360 video with other videos and even linking them through to websites. You can even edit the hot spot values of timings, positioning and links.
Now you can combine different 360 movies into one big project.
This software is for windows based platforms and is available for one seat only. Please contact us if you require this software for more than one computer.
Spherical Panorama Html5 Hot Spot Publisher has been designed to be user-friendly.
Spherical Panorama Html5 Hot Spot Publisher the software is windows compatible.

Spherical Panorama Html5 360 Hot Spot Video Publisher


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