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02:33:17, Tuesday, 16 July 2024 

 Size: 566 Kb  Users Vote: (0)
 OS: Windows 7  Interface: English
 Installation: only Install  License: Shareware ($37)
 Programm home page: Here  Last update: 30.8.2017(30.8.2017)
  Author: Tekware  Downloads Today: 0
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   Web Page Scraper Pro downloads web page images instantly by direct download. Saves hours of work. Just enter the page address and with one click images are downloaded directly to your computer and saved automatically and become visible on program desktop.You can then convert the image to different formats or copy and paste the downloaded image into a document. Comes with an image exporter so that you can pick and choose from the visible images on the desktop and export them to any folder you wish. Great for creating web pages or other documents or creating image collections. You can also use it to instantly change your Windows desktop background instantly from a downloaded desktop iamge in one click without the hassle of going through the control panel settings and having to browse for an image. This is a must try and enjoy program.

Web Page Scraper Pro


Tags: Image downloader, Image grabber, Web page Scraper, Html tool, Page scraper, Web page

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