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1.  Webdomain Monitoring Tool
Webpage downtime tracker application is very useful to monitor accessibility and availability of your all websites. Webdomain monitoring tool checks uptime, downtime and ping status of your all websites simultaneously. Webdomain status analyzer can also check remote hosting server, web host server, ... View and download
Date: 9.10.2008, downloaded: 0 (total: 4), vote:
2.  Bulk SMS
Need instant solution to promote your company goods? Now professional Bulk SMS application is available at website provides facility to deliver unlimited messages in cost efficient manner from personal computer connected with GSM mobile device. Advance message broadcasting software fac... View and download
Date: 21.11.2012, downloaded: 0 (total: 4), vote:
3.  Mobile Text SMS
Want to send unlimited text sms globally? Click website to download free Mobile Text SMS sending software for broadcasting short messages to multiple cell phone users from apple computer. Follow Company’s G+: profile to receive late... View and download
Date: 25.3.2013, downloaded: 0 (total: 5), vote:
4.   Mass SMS Sending Tool
Bulk sms manager is an ideal for sending messages to covering targeted marketing, and provides facility to keeping in touch with the clients. Bulk message broadcasting tool from PC to mobile is an innovative utility for composing and sending text messaging to national and international mobile netwo... View and download
Date: 21.5.2008, downloaded: 0 (total: 5), vote:
5.  Send Bulk Messages USB Modem
Searching tools that circulate news to you company staff instantly? Send Bulk Messages USB Modem tool download from broadcast new to company staff on single mouse clicks. USB modem message sending utility is useful for various public and private sector to increase produ... View and download
Date: 6.11.2012, downloaded: 0 (total: 3), vote:
6.  Download GSM Bulk SMS Software
Waiting a program that easily transmit unlimited message at worldwide network? Company website provides advance Download GSM Bulk SMS Software that easily forward thousands of message at worldwide mobile network with delay delivery option. SMS circulating application is best ... View and download
Date: 12.1.2013, downloaded: 0 (total: 3), vote:
7.  Web SMS to Mobile GSM
Award winning Web SMS to Mobile GSM application downloaded from website enable user to transmit personal and standard message at worldwide residing people. Extraordinary message transmitting program instantly transmit unlimited SMS from Windows enable system. SMS broadcasting ... View and download
Date: 16.2.2013, downloaded: 0 (total: 5), vote:
8.  Mac Android Bulk SMS
Mac Android Bulk SMS Software is downloaded by visiting to sends text messages in entire Unicode character (English or Non-English) from Apple Macintosh machine via using major technology based android mobile phone without having any internet connection. Bulk Messaging Program del... View and download
Date: 11.3.2013, downloaded: 0 (total: 5), vote:
9.  Free Mobile Messaging
Company website introduces Free Mobile Messaging application that helps to broadcast job alert, event notification, greeting, regards and other SMS at global GSM networks from your Mac enable pc. Robust message broadcasting utility instantly forwards limitless SMS from an... View and download
Date: 17.4.2013, downloaded: 0 (total: 3), vote:
10.  SMS Software Modem
Want to send group messages? Download free version of SMS Software Modem from website to forward instant messages to any mobile network globally. Highly technical send message program is compatible all known usb modem. Comprehensive bulk sms application helps user to broadcast bu... View and download
Date: 26.4.2013, downloaded: 0 (total: 3), vote:
11.  Bulk Text Messaging Software
Bulk SMS text messaging software is designed for composing and sending instant messages for business communication, marketing, advertising and personal usage. Provide tool is an influential and trouble-free technique to keep contact to your employees, clients, friends and relatives. Group message br... View and download
Date: 23.9.2008, downloaded: 0 (total: 13), vote:
12.  Bulk SMS Utility
Bulk SMS broadcasting utility enables user to send unlimited massive text messages to national as well as international mobile networks instantly. PC to mobile mass SMS sending application helps you in sending bulk text messages from your windows mobiles connected to PC via ActiveSync or Windows Mob... View and download
Date: 14.10.2008, downloaded: 0 (total: 4), vote:
13.  Pocket PC Bulk SMS
Pocket PC to mobile SMS messaging application enable user to create messages in its own language (either in English or Non-English character) and distribute them in bulk to various national or international mobile users at a single click. Corporate text message sender software sends various job aler... View and download
Date: 12.2.2009, downloaded: 0 (total: 3), vote:
14.  Bulk SMS Android
Dexterous Bulk SMS sending application for Android based mobile phone helps user to broadcast massive messages on every leading Android based cell phone producer brand such as LG, Motorola, T-mobile, Samsung and many more. Graceful bulk message sending software is easy to get from www.drpusoftware.c... View and download
Date: 4.9.2012, downloaded: 0 (total: 5), vote:
15.  Blackberry Mobile Text SMS
How to deliver messages to multiple people? Download Blackberry Mobile Text SMS software from to broadcast thousands of bulk messages from mobile devices to multiple numbers of customers, clients and users via connecting computer. Reliable text messaging tool developed to enabl... View and download
Date: 30.11.2012, downloaded: 0 (total: 4), vote:
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