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20:02:56, Saturday, 30 September 2023 

 Size: 670 Kb  Users Vote: (4.50)
 OS: Windows 9x/NT/2000  Interface: Russuan & Englis
 Installation: Install & Uninstall  License: Shareware ($50)
 Programm home page: No  Last update: 20.4.2003(20.4.2003)
  Author: Denis Gladysh  Downloads Today: 0
  Enother author's programs: show  Downloads Total: 6676

   Accent Office Password Recovery is a password recovery software for Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP. <BR><BR>Protecting documents with passwords is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately, the human memory is not always reliable and these password do occasionally get forgotten. Accent Office Password Recovery allows you to recover the lost passwords to get access to your password protected files.<BR><BR>The password for saving changes is typically recovered within seconds. The current version of this program supports this type of recovery only for documents created by Microsoft® Word 97/2000/XP. The password for opening documents is also recovered within seconds for Microsoft® Word 6.0/95 and Microsoft® Access 2000/XP. However, recovering password for opening documents for Microsoft® Word 97/2000/XP or Microsoft® Excel 97/2000/XP may take longer. In order to save time, you are given an option to choose the password recovery method.<BR><BR>The software allows you to choose between three different methods of recovering password, also known as attack types. Dictionary Attack should be used if your password consists of a common word or name. The program will use a dictionary of common words, phrases, numbers, names and quotes to guess the password. Brute Force Attack finds a password by searching all possible character combinations. Naturally, this method takes a lot more time than the previous one. Brute Force Attack With Mask allows you to set up a mask to be used in the process of password recovery to speed up the process. The program comes with the detailed explanation how and when each of these methods should be used.

Accent Office Password Recovery 2.10


Tags: Office, Password Recovery, Password

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