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   Path: Panvasoft / Multimedia / Editors / MagicScore Maestro 3.5 /
04:12:53, Saturday, 15 June 2024 

 Size: 1964 Kb  Users Vote: (3.68)
 OS: Windows 9x/NT/2000  Interface: Russuan & Englis
 Installation: Install & Uninstall  License: Shareware ($18)
 Programm home page: Here  Last update: 30.10.2003(30.10.2003)
  Author: Dmtriy Golovanov  Downloads Today: 0
  Enother author's programs: show  Downloads Total: 4550

   MagicScore Maestro is a magnificent music notation editor. This music natation software allows creating compositions of any complexity, including polyphonic ones. Virtual piano, guitar tones, partita entry from a MIDI-device, ability to work with chords, extensive opportunities for editing and fine adjustment of sound of your composition. All of the above and many other functions of MagicScore Maestro will assist you in your creative work. The program will compute the playback of effects for you (Arpeggio, Gruppetto, Vorchlag, Trillare). Having experienced the wonderful abilities of MagicScore Maestro, you will receive a great pleasure from using it. You will see the wide opportunities of partita editing. You will feel the ease of creating your compositions. You will be able to adjust the sound of each note and of the entire composition precisely, according to your wishes. You will realize the benefits that this program entitles you with. This music natation will help you prepare yourself for concerts and performances. With its help, you can be self-assured in the most responsible moments. With assistance of MagicScore Maestro, you can create magnificent compositions, and you can have that done in the best possible manner.

MagicScore Maestro 3.5


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