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   Using verbs in the correct tense is crucial to communicate properly, and for people working with Russian this is quite a daunting task. For starters, they must know both the perfective (глагол совершенного вида) and imperfective forms (глагол несовершенного вида). Then they must be able to conjugate them properly given numerous rules and countless exceptions. To pronounce them, they must know over which vowel to apply the stress. Moreover, they must see relevant examples to best gauge meaning and determine the proper case to use. Last but not least, they must be able to look up the infinitive root even if they only have an already conjugated verb (it is common to have conjugated verbs that start with a different letter than itТs root making it very challenging to find it). Unfortunately, you wonТt get all of this information from a traditional dictionary.

The Verbioso Verb Reference System uniquely addresses these challenges. Produced by native Russian and English speakers, it provides the following benefits:

* Current version includes 2,139 English verbs - 2,175 Russian verbs - 52,200 conjugations - tons of examples!

* All verbs hand selected from the most commonly used (and useful) verbs and the Russian verbs are color coded to indicate the location of stress.

* Russian verbs paired by both Perfective and Imperfective forms.

* Russian verbs are fully conjugated in the past, present, future, and imperative forms.

* Nearly all verbs have a host of example sentences completed translated into English that help show colloquial uses, cases, and idiomatic uses. The verb быть for instance has 545 example sentences. (unique feature!).

* Each sentence example links to the full definition in the V.K. Mueller dictionary where the sentence came from allowing further insight into meaning (unique feature!).

* Three indices are featured: English, Russian, and a complete index of all verbs in all conjugations (unique feature!).

* In addition to the three indices, a powerful Java-applet search engine allows for quickly finding a verb (unique feature!).

* Available for both Windows and Macintosh including the ability to cut and paste from Verbioso to any application (unique feature!).

Verbioso English-Russian Verb Reference System


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