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09:18:43, Saturday, 18 May 2024 

 Size: 11534 Kb  Users Vote: (4.09)
 OS: Windows XP  Interface: Russuan & Englis
 Installation: Install & Uninstall  License: Shareware ($20)
 Programm home page: No  Last update: 31.8.2013(23.6.2005)
  Author: Илья Морозов  Downloads Today: 0
  Enother author's programs: show  Downloads Total: 6015

   The purpose of Cross+A is to simplify the solution of crosswords, word-based puzzles, anagrams, criptorithms, nonograms, sudokus and kakuro. Cross+A provides very flexible and powerful search tools. User can search English words by known letters and descriptions as well as find anagrams and word-combinations. Program uses a dictionary of 159000 English words (part of them - with descriptions). User can add new words, delete and change descriptions or copy them to the clipboard. Program has a nonogram editor for the puzzle creating. Cross+A contains the list of English proverbs and sayings.

Cross+A 8.27


Tags: Word, Puzzle, Sudoku, Kakuro, Crossword, Masyu, Kuromasu, Hitori

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