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10:52:06, Sunday, 07 March 2021 

 Size: 4212 Kb  Users Vote: (3.75)
 OS: Windows 9x/NT/2000  Interface: Russuan & Englis
 Installation: Install & Uninstall  License: Shareware ($10)
 Programm home page: Here  Last update: 3.11.2002(3.11.2002)
  Author: AM Lab  Downloads Today: 0
  Enother author's programs: show  Downloads Total: 807

   Hesperus is a program intended for processing and 2D-3D visualization of data matrices (digital images). The field of application of this program is scientific researchs and education, processing data obtained with medical or astronomical instruments, geophysical, optical and radar data, data of math modeling and so forth. The program has the following features. Working with data matrices of any type (integer, float, complex). Fast processing and visualization of large data files (up to 2 GB). Displaying data matrices as 2D or 3D images. Support of RGB channels. A convenient tool for manipulating 3D surfaces (viewing at different angles, color and lighting modification). An ability to map an arbitrary RGB texture on a 3D surface (foráexample you can map an aerial photograph on the altitude grid). Filtration, rotation and stretching of matrices, texture and spectrum analysis. Tools for processing of radar data (including processing data in CEOS format and geocoding ). Full multitasking support, simultaneous execution of several processing jobs. The intuitive interface and detailed help system.

Hesperus 3.0 beta


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