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16.  herb medicine refining dictionary Size: 17305 Kb, License: Shareware, Language: ENG
This software introduces specific ways of refining 300 kind of herbal medicine in details, which basically cover all kinds of herb medicine used in daily life. It contains 11 main categories of herb medicine, including fruit and seed category, complete herb category, leaf category, flower category, ... See description and download herb medicine refining dictionary
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17.  Simcard Contacts Retrieval Tool Size: 536 Kb, License: Shareware, Language: ENG
Mobile phone SIM card data recovery software recovers all deleted short text messages from inbox, sent items and draft. SIM card lost SMS retrieval tool extracts contact name with numbers from phone book directory. SIM card message recovery utility support retrieval of missing data from 3G/GSM and C... See description and download Simcard Contacts Retrieval Tool
Today downloaded: 0 times, Total downloaded: 2 times, Last update: 9.9.2008, Users vote:
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