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   MS Access to My SQL data base migratory tool converts tables attributes and indexes also keep default, not null, constraint values of database file. Microsoft Access to MySQL DB conversion utility facilitates users to select database file and transfer table records with related unique key, foreign key, and primary key constraints into equivalent MySQL format. MS Access to MySQL migration program provides secure and consistent solution to migrate password protected MS Access DB records into MySQL database server. MS Access to My SQL database transferring application provides a best and inexpensive database management and database migration techniques. Microsoft Access to MySQL database convertor tool supports multibyte characters and command line parameters. MS Access to MySQL conversion program has produced software with inbuilt help manual to illustrate wizard installation procedure and each working step of tools. Microsoft Access database converter program preserve originality and basic schema of database even after the successful conversion of MS Access table entries into MySQL database. MS Access to My SQL database conversion freeware converts any number of tables from selected Microsoft Access database into MySQL database without changing in database schema. Features: * Database migration tool support all MS Access data types and Key constraints of whole schema of selected database. * MS access to MySQL DB converter tool can generate new record or updated previously existing MySQL database. * Software supports both mixed or windows authentication. * Program support all key constraints and schema with Unicode characters. * Database conversion software works on Windows OS like 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, and VISTA. * Advanced MS Access to MySQL database migration application supports Unicode architecture, multibyte character set and command line parameters.

Convert MS Access Database to SQL


Tags: Convert, Data, Software, Synchronize, Application, Database, Key, MySQL, Table, Records, Conversion, Overwrite, Destination, Attributes, Index, Transfer, Db, Column, Row, Migration, Source, Schema, Value, Unique, Foreign, Constraints, MS Access, Type

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