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 OS: Windows 7  Interface: English
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   User friendly keylogger application has feature to capture screen shot of computer desktop at regular interval of time and save it in log file for future reference. Software Keyloggers facilitates authorized users to record suspicious activities performed on personal computer like text chat, website browsing, composed email, launched program etc in hidden mode. Download advanced keylogger software from website to monitor children suspicious functions performed on Windows computers at affordable price. Extraordinary Keylogger software has feature to track and record all clipboard functions performed by guest users on Windows computer in secret mode. Highly advance computer monitoring application records passwords and user name typed by guest users in different program. Company offers keylogger software to save log files in .txt or .html file format and access log files from remote location via email or ftp server settings. Outstanding Software Keyloggers captures screenshots at fixed time of interval to view details performed on computer including clipboard function. Cost effective key logger software has advanced password protection feature which protects program from all kinds of unauthorized access. Spy monitoring application has hot key and run command to access keylogger when operates in hidden mode. Features: * Computer monitoring program has feature to record all internet activities performed on pc including received composed emails, websites, typed URLs, online searches and other online activities in secret mode. *Advance key logger spy application help parents to monitor their child suspicious activities performed on Windows pc like text chatting, voice conversation, internet access etc in hidden mode. *Extraordinary keylogger tracker software has facility to save the recorded details in log files and access it from remote location via email or proper ftp server settings.

Software Keyloggers


Tags: Chat, Software, Text, Activities, Capture, Computer, Records, Keyloggers, User, Screenshot, Details, Voice, Advance, Monitors

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